Courtesy: Emerson
Safety June 2, 2022

Detecting dangerous gases to improve safety and reduce emissions

One versatile technology helps protect people and plants, while also detecting fugitive greenhouse gases.

By Jesse Sumstad
Seven keys to a compliant PSM training program for Ammonia refrigeration
Safety January 11, 2022

PSM compliance training according to OSHA

To ensure the safest environment for employees, review current PSM training to verify that it meets OSHA requirements

By Ken Philo
Safety Standards April 8, 2022

Technology drives K-12 school changes, while meeting codes and standards

Updates, COVID and tech trends are shifting the way K-12 schools are designed to achieve code

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer


Courtesy: Cementex Products, New Products for Engineers Database
PPE April 28, 2022

Saving lives with arc-resistant and flame-resistant apparel

Arc-resistant and flame-resistant (FR) personal protective equipment (PPE) clothes are the first and the last line of defense against serious injury.

By Nick Warrick
A new design for a filter could help remove carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions and air. Courtesy of: Sonja Salmon, NC State
Environmental Health June 14, 2022

Textile filter testing could help with carbon capture

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a design for a filter that could help remove carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions and air.

By Laura Oleniacz