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Figure 2: STXI Motion is a global designer and supplier of motion control and servo solutions. Recently, the company’s stepIM integrated stepper motors powered by Servotronix closed-loop servo drive were specified into a new series of sheet-metal-bending press brakes from Cincinnati Inc. To reduce design costs and maintain quick and precise positioning of backgauges before each metal-forming cycle, CI chose STXI Motion’s stepIM integrated stepper motors. Courtesy: STXI Motion
Motors, Drives August 5, 2022

Integrated stepper motors trim accurate metal forming costs

Backgauges are motorized multi-axis reference edges on press brakes and use smart steppers to reduce system complexity and improve the overall design.

By Yosi Balbul
Siemens has chosen to implement the Roboze ARGO 500 industrial 3D printer in its Charlotte Advanced Technology Collaboration Hub (CATCH) that further industrializes additive manufacturing in the US. Courtesy: Siemens
Motors, Drives June 26, 2022

Strategic partnership announced for additive manufacturing production

Siemens and Roboze announced a strategic partnership aimed at increasing the production opportunities of companies involved in the energy, mobility and aerospace sectors.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
Courtesy: Siemens
Motors, Drives June 25, 2022

Strengthening metal additive manufacturing capabilities

Siemens has launched a collaboration effort with Xerox Elem Additive Solutions, which is aimed at strengthening the metal additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities of both businesses.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
Motors, Drives June 16, 2022

Direct-drive servo tutorial, application update

Solving low speed rotary servo applications with direct-drive motors avoids hidden initial costs, while saving money over the life of the machine. Example shows $73,000 annual savings on a widget-making machine.

By Matt Pelletier
Courtesy: Yaskawa
Motors, Drives June 16, 2022

Questions answered to demystify servo sizing

Extra questions about servomotor sizing are answered here, from a May 17 webcast, archived for a year. More help includes related services and software, more servomotor sizing errors and information needed for servomotor sizing.

By Sixto Moralez
Motors, Drives April 22, 2022

Heat engine with no moving parts designed

MIT researchers have design a heat engine with no moving parts, which could help enable a fully decarbonized power grid in the future.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: EASA, CFE Media and Technology
Motors, Drives April 15, 2022

Evaluate noise in electric motors

Determining the source can be more difficult than correcting it.

By Thomas H. Bishop, P.E.
Courtesy: Advanced Energy Corp.
Motors, Drives March 22, 2022

Your questions answered: Motor management and troubleshooting techniques for ac induction motors

Best practices and tips for motor management included advice on variable frequency drives (VFDs), motor efficiency, motor standards and more.

By Michael Lyda, Ronnie Alford
Courtesy: L&T Technology Services
Motors, Drives March 3, 2022

Picking the right motor condition monitoring system

A motor condition monitoring system is integral to sustainably maintain energy savings and extending motor life expectancy. A 100-hp motor/load consumes 795,118 kWh of energy in a year at 85% efficiency. At 95%, the same motor uses only 691,579 kWh. That’s $48,411 in annual savings at $0.07 per kWh.

By Narayanan R.
Courtesy: Yaskawa
Motors, Drives March 2, 2022

Intro to setting up, tuning a PM motor with a VFD

A permanent magnet (PM) motor requires a variable frequency drive (VFD) to operate effectively. See motor comparison table, induction motor vs. PM torque curve, and VFD programming and tuning advice.

By Robert Bonczar