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Mechanical July 12, 2022

Cutting tool orders up 9% in Q1 2022

Cutting tool consumption totaled $175.4 million in the United States for the first quarter of 2022, which is an increase of more than 9% compared to 2021.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
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Mechanical August 11, 2021

Metal fabrication show going live in September

FABTECH will return to Chicago Sept. 13-16, providing attendees with an opportunity to see the latest trends and products in person.

Lubrication July 27, 2022

Air entrainment, aeration, cavitation and foaming: How are they related?

There are many causes and solutions to this foaming issue

By Dan Holdmeyer
Figure 2: STXI Motion is a global designer and supplier of motion control and servo solutions. Recently, the company’s stepIM integrated stepper motors powered by Servotronix closed-loop servo drive were specified into a new series of sheet-metal-bending press brakes from Cincinnati Inc. To reduce design costs and maintain quick and precise positioning of backgauges before each metal-forming cycle, CI chose STXI Motion’s stepIM integrated stepper motors. Courtesy: STXI Motion
Motors, Drives August 5, 2022

Integrated stepper motors trim accurate metal forming costs

Backgauges are motorized multi-axis reference edges on press brakes and use smart steppers to reduce system complexity and improve the overall design.

By Yosi Balbul
Pumps June 2, 2022

Using fire pump speed as a design consideration

Pump speed has always been a critical factor in assessing fire protection system performance and can now be used as much more of a design consideration

By Milosh Puchovsky
The hot melt adhesives mixtures are dumped into a bin.
Gears and Bearings August 5, 2022

Mixer keeps hot melt adhesives cool


By Stephen J. Knauth
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Hydraulics July 13, 2022

Electromechanical actuators will replace hydraulic cylinders faster than expected

Hydraulic cylinders may be replaced by electromechanical actuators within vehicles in the material handling sector more quickly than previously thought.

By Brianna Jackson